“Under His Love” – Lyrics

Under His Love
Words by J. Douglas Wright, Music by J. Douglas Wright and Mitch Waddell
Copyright 2003 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

I drove down familiar roads
Only to find I had not changed
Only to see old memories were still alive
I heard a song from yesterday
Only to bring back times gone by
Only to find the years left behind
Were still within
“How do I deal with this?”
I asked myself
And lifted my eyes above
Only to remember my yesterdays
Are under His love

Under His love
All of the hurt and fear and doubt and tears
Under His love
All the mistakes and blame and sin and shame
Under His love
All of the death and darkness, grief and loss
Under His love
And there is hope again because it’s all
Under His love

I thank my Lord for walking these roads
And for the price He paid for me
And for all who believe and who will receive this perfect gift
There is a song of victory
It is a song we all can sing
For freedom has come to everyone
Who trusts in Him
So as I take each step I won’t forget
A sacrifice of blood
Was made to remind me that everyday
Is under His love


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