Face to Face

I was checking my email a few nights ago, and when I opened the message, a picture of my dad appeared. A student who knew Dad when he was a coach had posted a picture of him on Facebook as a memorial. Dad passed away several years ago, and I was with him when he died. His death was unexpected. We had read I Corinthians 13 as our devotional that night, not knowing he would die only a few hours later. We talked about the sections of the chapter that say “for now we see though a glass darkly, but then face to face,” and where it later says “but then shall I know even as also I am known”, and whether or not this meant we would all know each other when we are reunited in Heaven.

Some people believe we will not know each other, because this means we will remember any bad that may have happened along with the good, and this cannot be a part of Heaven since there will be no more tears there. Some believe we will know each other, but those bad memories will be gone. Others believe that knowing each other will be universal–that we will all feel that we have always known each other, and it will be so great that whether or not we knew each other on earth won’t matter. Dad and I decided that night that whatever the answer, it is much better than anything we could ever design.

When I opened the email the other day, my dad’s picture just suddenly appeared, and there was a split second when I didn’t remember he was gone. It was an “all is normal in the world” feeling–Dad is here, we’ll probably watch a game and eat hot dogs later tonight. The feeling I had reminded me of those times when we go through periods of grief and wake up in the mornings, and for a brief moment, everything is peaceful, and there is no trace that anything was ever wrong. From my earthly eyes, I kinda think it will be that way when we see each other on the other side. One key to I Corinthians 13 is when Paul says “for now I know in part,” which really sums up so much of the walk of faith.

Today is the day we celebrated Dad’s birthday. I thought this would be a nice way to remember him.

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