“Grace Pockets” Update

(Please note that more recent updates are available at jdouglaswright.net. )

It has been an exciting few months for the song “Grace Pockets”! The song is currently #4 on the Effect Top 20 Countdown! The Effect Radio network reaches over 50 stations, so this has been a major blessing for us. Since the countdown is based on what the listeners are wanting, we can’t thank you enough for your support!

We are also very grateful to Crossroads Radio for their continued support of our music. The wonderful people there played “Grace Pockets” for 17 weeks and recently added our upcoming single “Blindspot” to The Playlist. We consider this such an honor that they play our music, and we have listeners in several states who look forward to their show every Saturday night.

Another major supporter of the song has been 97X fm. “Grace Pockets” was also on their playlist for several months and was in high rotation! This meant SO much to us, and we are overjoyed by their support of the song!

There are many other factors that have led to the success of the song, and we will include all of these in our end-of-year post. Many thanks to all of you for being interested in our music!

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