Reasons to Jangchikyjang!

Most of you know that Jangchikyjang is a song of praise. The name is based on the sound that numerous critters may be making at any given time of the day or night. If you have ever been near or in the forest during one of these periods, it can be amazing. I have always likened the sound to nature’s version of praise, and picture the birds, crickets, frogs, katydids, and others singing on and on to their Maker! It reminds me of how I want to always have a thankful heart every second of every day.

The video for the song is a labor of love that we are so happy is finally realized. It took some time to find the right person to do the animation. To me, Tim Andrews of Pacific Rock Productions does an incredible job of capturing the message of the song while keeping a reverence of faith. I am so thankful that our paths crossed, and I hope we can work together on a new video for a song from the upcoming album. He is an outstanding talent!

I am also thankful to Dave, Joe, Shari, and Turbo from Crossroads Radio¬†for adding the song to the playlist at KCLC 89.1 The Wood this year. I know of several groups of people who gather on Saturdays to watch football and listen to their show! The video is dedicated to them, because, although they did not know it, their enthusiasm about the song was an inspiration for us to move forward with the video. When the video was finished, we shared it with them because we wanted them to see it, and they posted it on the station’s website! They have truly blessed our lives!

More about the video will follow in a future post. As always, thank you for your interest in the music!



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