“Straight N Narrow” – Lyrics

Straight N Narrow
Words & Music by J. Douglas Wright and Brandon Swafford
Copyright 2011 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

Blood is pounding in my head
Reminding me that I’m not dead
Still it sounds like the same old tune
Another day can’t come too soon
Mama said I gotta let it go
Papa said when you’re feelin’ low
Get in your car and drive away
85’s gotta brand new lane

On this road what will I find?
More confusion or peace of mind?
Seems it’s all just intertwined
The narrow way and the gate that’s wide
Jesus said there is a way
And I’m searching for it everyday
On dirt roads and the interstate
Looking for the narrow
Looking for the strait

Will I ever find the road less traveled?
Cause I wanna walk the strait and narrow way
Jesus lead me to the peaceful waters
That flow into the straight and narrow bay

Jacob’s ladder’s hanging from the sky
I wanna climb it and say goodbye
Leave this struggle and the road behind
I think it’s time for me to fly
Tatian’s heavy on my trail
Exit sign says next stop hell
I see a rest stop up ahead
Trust in me is what He said


As I rest here in His presence
It becomes clear He is deliverance
He’s the light and lamp that guides me
He goes before me
He’s right beside me

Last Chorus
Jesus keep me on the road less traveled
Cause I wanna walk the straight and narrow way
Carry me over the peaceful waters
That flow into the straight and narrow way
The straight and narrow
The straight and narrow