“Little Child” – Lyrics

Little Child
Word and Music by J. Douglas Wright & Brandon Swafford
Copyright 2011 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

Don’t know where I was
Maybe lost in Oz
When somebody took the children
They were just right here
Used to hold them dear
Thieves slipped in when I wasn’t lookin’
Maybe it was a chemical
Something political
Made us cynical
Maybe it was technology
A new philosophy
Caused this pathology

Jesus told the crowd
You cannot be proud
You got to come to Me as a child now
The Kingdom is your prize
Looking through their eyes
Bless the children and let them show you how
But something happened along the way
Is there a ransom due?
Don’t know who to pay
All I know is I need to find
The innocence we left behind

In my heart I want to see like a little child, like a little child
Take the Father’s hand and let my faith run wild like a little child
Find the way that leads to peace and purity, like a little child
I want to live, believe and see like a little child, like a little child

Through the eyes of faith
There is no mistake
Everything and everyone is true
Love is everywhere
People really care
I can trust you and you can trust me too
Life like this could be beautiful
It could be magical
So unforgettable
I look around and I think it’s gone
We need to find our way back home

All I know is when I was a little child I had faith that ran so wild
Now I find we’re lost in such a dangerous time with faithless minds
I’m gonna find gonna find gonna find my way back home
Bring us back
Bring them back
Bring us back
Bring me back
Thieves slipped in