“Glorious Savior” – Lyrics

Glorious Savior
Words & Music by Brandon Swafford, J. Douglas Wright, and Carson Ray
Copyright 2011 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

Wake me up and open my eyes
Bless me with Your bread
I have become tired and fallen asleep
I have become unaware
Of the shadow of Your grace
Of the shadow that’s at my feet

Glorious Savior I’m calling
(Catch me Dear Lord)
Down to my knees I am falling
(Hear my cry)
Here I am waiting
So come to me

Through this time I’ve been astray
From Your will and Your way
Worry and sorrow and sin and shame
Have kept me from You these days
You are the only One
Who can save us from this world
You are the only One who can save us
Who can save


Glorious Savior
Glorious Savior
Glorious Savior God
Bless me with Your love
You are glorious


Glorious Savior I called You
(You captured my heart)
I was so lost til I saw You
(You heard my cry)
Here I was waiting
You came to me
You came to me
You came to me