“Seven Angels” – Lyrics

Seven Angels
Words and Music by J. Douglas Wright & Brandon Swafford
Copyright 2015 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

Precious Lord
It’s been a long, long time
Since You walked this earth
Since You said You’d return
Still every day I hit the ground
Grab my coffee cup
Walk outside
Breathe the air
And I look up
And think, and hope and pray
Today is the day
Is that You I hear?

Seven angels above are flying
Singing this is going to be the day
Say goodbye to all pain and dying
Welcome new world
Welcome brand new day

Precious Lord
As the sun goes down
It’s another day over
It’s another day closer
Still every night I hit the bed
Pull the covers up
Close my eyes
Say a prayer
Rest in Your love
And light, and think there might
Be a thief in the night tonight
Is that You I hear?

Welcome Jesus
Welcome brand new day

And on that day the sky will open wide
We will see you Lord
And on our knees we will praise the One
We’ve been living for
And all the old will be new again
We will be restored
Into your arms we will fly away
To our brand new home

Chorus (Repeat)