“Jangchikyjang” – Lyrics

Words and Music by J. Douglas Wright & Brandon Swafford
Copyright 2015 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

The last time that I went to church
I saw Jesus walking out
So I grabbed my coat and followed Him
To see what it was all about
He walked right out the parking lot
And he walked into the forest
And birds and ants and crickets there
Starting singing in a chorus
They were singing in a chorus

Jangchikyjang a lang lang lang
They sang jangchikyjang a lang lang
Jangchikyjang a lang lang lang
They sang jangchikjang a lang lang

He said sit back and rest awhile
And take in all the beauty
We threw some pebbles in a stream
He said you’ll never know what you mean to me
And as He spoke there came the sound of
Thunder under water
And frogs and fish and lizards there
Started singing to the Father
They were singing to the Father
They sang


They kept on singing songs and praises to the King
I joined in the melody and I started to sing
We lifted high our praises to the Holy One
Come and join the symphony and let’s all praise the Son

The lesson that I learned that day
Is that all creation praises
Raindrop hymns
And songs in winds
Are lifted to the Savior
And if we keep it to ourselves
Even the rocks will cry
We cannot keep it to ourselves
We’ve got to sing it out
We’ve got to sing and shout
Chorus (Repeat)