“Big Voice” – Lyrics

Big Voice
Words and Music by J. Douglas Wright & Brandon Swafford
Copyright 2015 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

You’re hearing voices
Of all different kinds
Many opinions
Feeding you lines
But there is one voice
So still and so small
If you will listen
It’s the biggest of all
It is speaking words of truth and hope
Helping you along the way

There’s a big voice and it whispers to you
Be still
You’ll know what to do
It’s not complicated
Don’t be confused
Just be still
You’ll know what to do

The big voice tells you
What’s right and what’s wrong
Where you don’t fit in
And where you belong
If you will hear what it is trying to say
All of your worries, your worries
Will go away
It’s so good to know somebody cares
Yes somebody loves you


It gets hard sometimes as you try to choose
Which road to walk today
But He is by your side
And He’s guiding you
Every step along the way