“Typical Day In Heaven” – Lyrics

Typical Day In Heaven
Words and Music by J. Douglas Wright
Copyright 2003 Mama’s Hippopotamus Music (ASCAP)

Just yesterday while I was outside
I thought I saw a hole in the sky
I climbed up to it
And looked inside
And what I saw was such a surprise

People were dancing
And love was grooving
Happy together
The Spirit moving
Nobody crying
No pain or dying
A celebration
On this typical day in heaven
Typical day in heaven

Then I saw loved ones
I hadn’t seen in so long
And they were singing a hallelujah song
And when I saw a lion with a lamb
Somebody said “Here comes the Great I Am”
Then the thought occurred to me
Remember what you see here today
When you’re sad and feeling blue
Missing those who’ve gone before you
Remember what they are doing
While you’re wasting time shedding all your tears
Shed no more tears