Blessings of Summer

It has been one of the best summers I can remember for our music!  Below are some of the highlights…

IMEA Awards

The IMEA Awards ceremony and all the unexpected blessings that happened along the road from Atlanta to Kentucky and West Virginia were another “handfuls on purpose” experience for us this summer. The nomination for “No Go” as Christian/Gospel Song of the Year was such an unexpected surprise. It was one of eight songs nominated, and I felt very strongly that one of the other deserving songs would receive the award.

That said, I really wanted to attend the ceremony since it was an honor to be included on the list this year.

I soon learned there were no rooms available in Ashland, Kentucky, the location of the awards program that would be held at the historic Paramount Theater. There were three events in town including the awards show, and it was also Father’s Day weekend. My plan was to have two rooms, with one being handicapped-accessible since my mother was going to go this year, and another room adjoining with two beds since my sister was also planning to attend. Not only were there no rooms available, I was told on multiple occasions that this type of arrangement would be impossible. I also tried hotels in Ohio and was told there were no hotel rooms available within an 80-mile radius of Ashland.

You may remember the story of the cross and meeting my great friend, brother, and prayer warrior David Wagner five years ago in preparing for the 1st Annual IMEA Awards Ceremony. I called to tell him the situation since he and his family were originally from the Ashland area. I told him I did not think I would be able to attend this year. He said something to the effect of “well, that is just not going to be an option”, said it was too big a deal to miss, and to let him see what he could do.

Within a few hours, he left me a voicemail and let me know that he had done some research and located what appeared to be the last two rooms in Huntington, West Virginia. I was not aware that West Virginia was close to Ashland. His mother, who grew up in West Virginia, also helped and left me a message. The hotel was approximately 15 miles from the Paramount Theater, and he gave me the contact information I needed to reserve the rooms. By the time I received these messages, David had left an additional message that he had gone ahead and made the reservation! He was worried that by the time I received the initial message, the rooms would be gone. This was such a surprise and a relief for me to know that this had been handled, as I had spent hours the day before to no avail.

Even though the two rooms were not adjoining, neither was handicapped-accessible, and we would need a rollaway bed, it was still such a gift that we had a place to stay. David also said he would continue to contact the hotel in case there were cancellations.

On the day before we left, I checked with the hotel to see if the adjoining room, three beds, and/or the handicapped-accessible room would be a possibility, and I was told that the hotel only had one suite with adjoining rooms, and that this had been booked for some time. So you can imagine my shock and surprise to learn that when we arrived after a 12-hour drive, we were placed in this sole suite with two adjoining rooms, three beds, and a handicapped-accessible room. This felt like a miracle!

I sent David a message with the great news, and I told him I had a feeling he had something to do with this. Even though he would not take the credit, he admitted he had contacted the hotel that day to let them know again what we needed.

During the ceremony, “No Go” was announced as the winner of the category for Christian/Gospel Song of the Year! It was such a special moment with my mother and sister there








as well as my producer, Swaff, who co-wrote the song and his wife. We are so very grateful to all of YOU who voted during the portion that counted 20% of the process and for Colt Chambers and everyone at IMEA who made this possible!

There are also many to thank in radio who have supported the song, especially Effect Radio (network of 58 stations), Crossroads Radio, RacMan Christian Radio, Righteous Rock Radio, 97X, WXGN and many others. This has meant so much to our music!

Reluctant Radio

We have mentioned in earlier posts that Reluctant Radio has been playing songs from Leap , and the great people there have continued to include our music on several podcasts this summer. We can’t thank them enough! If you haven’t already, you can go to iTunes for a free subscription!


New Project

The new project is coming soon! Even though the completion date keeps moving, we are hopeful it will happen in the fall. Thank you for the messages asking about it and for your interest in the music! More to come soon…. 🙂

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